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Prairie Faculty

Prairie College's Faculty is a committed team of teachers and leaders who are passionate about their respective fields of study. In the classroom and outside of it, they model the integration of heart, soul and mind that allows for a vibrant framework for instruction, discipleship and growth.

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Lewis   Douglas Registrar 403.443.5511x3250
McLim   Cheryl Assistant Registrar 403.443.3044
Loewen   Glenn  Dean of Education &
Spiritual Formation 403.443.5511x3239
  Marion Executive Assistant to Dean of Education    403.443.3030
Nelson    Lydia Campus Receptionist   403.443.5511
Fox   Michael Director, School of Mission Aviation 403.443.2349
Skelton   Miriam Executive Assistant to Director of PSMA 403.443.2349
Enns   James History 403.443.5511x3715
Nyman   Bill English, Apologetics 403.443.5511x3347
Peters   Kevin Psychology, Sociology 403.443.5511x3539
Fox   Michael Director, School of Mission Aviation 403.443.2349
Skelton   Miriam Executive Assistant 403.443.2349
Shaw   Jacqui Bookkeeper 403.443.2349
Willms   Rick Chief Flight Instructor  403.443.2349
Shaw   Ron Flight Instructor 403.443.2349
Hildebrandt   Kalvin Flight Instructor 403.443.2349
Lippitt   Otis Flight Instructor 403.443.2349
Robb   Amanda Flight Instructor 403.443.2349 
Schanz   Andrew  Flight Instructor   403.443.2349
Krahn   Dan Maintenance 403.443.2349
Deimert   Melody Old Testament 403.443.5511x3288
Siegrist   Anthony Theology 403.443.5511x3727
White   Ritchie New Testament 403.443.5511x3287
Loewen   Glenn

Dean of Education & Spiritual Formation 403.443.5511x3239
Mertes   Al Youth Ministry 403.443.5511x3827
Steffen   Kelly Pastoral Ministry 403.443.5511x3240
Emgård   Emma Karin Director  403.443.5511x3272
Dyck   Kendi Program Assistant 403.443.5511x3295
Frank   Scott Digital Media Instructor   403.443.5511 
Mal   Peter Digital Media Instructor  403.443.5511x3454 
Nickel   Ron Digital Media Program Coordinator 403.443.5511x3390
Medford   James EMR/EMT Instructor
Collins   Tom  Part-time Faculty 406.826.3144
Landon   Dennis Director 403.443.5511x3284
Landon   Hannah Director 403.443.5511x3283
          or 406.826.3144
Dyck   Kendi Program Assistant 403.443.5511x3295
Emgård   Emma Karin   Intercultural Studies 403.443.5511x3272
Douglas   Trevor International Worker in Residence 403.443.5511x3385
Lewis   Veronica Library Director 403.443.5511x3343
Nyman   Bill Reference Librarian 403.443.5511x3347
Berdahl   Rebecca
Practical Nursing Instructor
DeLong   Mary Practical Nursing Instructor 403.443.5511
Hogarth   Kim Lead Instructor, Practical Nursing
Jewell   Sherry Practical Nursing Instructor 403.443.5511
Juniper    Shauna Practical Nursing Instructor
Weigum   Janelle Practical Nursing Instructor
Ziegeman   Colleen Practical Nursing Instructor
James   Fraser Sports Management Coordinator 403.443.5511x3883
Nelson   Lydia Welcome & Information 403.443.5511 
Steffen   Kelly Dir. Student Development Families 403.443.5511x3240
Weiss   Shannon Dir. Student Development Women 403.443.3018
Williams   Van Dir. Student Development Men 403.443.3038
Fraser   James Athletic Director 403.443.5511x3883 
Boese   Kendell Athletics Facilities & Fitness Coordinator  403.443.5511x3881 
Frinsel   Sarah Administrative Assistant 403.443.5511x3169 
Doerksen   Brian Dir. Music & Worship Arts 403.443.5511x3170
Charter   Vernon Professor Emeritus, Music & Worship Arts 403.443.5511x3394
Canfield   Connie Piano-Adjunct 403.443.2565  
Yourk   Ed Guitar-Adjunct 403.443.5511x3399


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Three Hills, AB T0M 2N0

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